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Leading SAFe training with SAFe Agilist certification

Join the next Leading SAFe training with SAFe Agilist certification. Learn the lessons and best practices from big companies that are already went through an agile transformation journey.

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About the Training

Join the next Leading SAFe training with SAFe Agilist certification. This two-day course provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a Certified SAFe® Agilist. You’ll learn how to lead Agile transformation at scale, implement Lean-Agile principles, and leverage the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to drive business results.
Leading SAFe 6 with SAFe Agilist certification

Key Benefits

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).
  • Learn how to lead Agile transformation initiatives across the organisation.
  • Discover best practices for implementing Lean-Agile principles.
  • Network with industry professionals and Agile practitioners.
  • Prepare for the SAFe Agilist (SA) certification exam.

What’s included in Leading SAFe course

  • Course workbook and SAFe Studio access to help you prepare to take the certification exam, claim your digital badge, and tools to get started in your SAFe role.
  • One-year access to SAFe Studio with your first class attendance.
  • Inside SAFe Studio, access to e-learning modules and curated members-only content.
  • Inside SAFe Studio, member discussion forms to engage in ongoing conversations.
  • Inside SAFe Studio, curated content-playlists based on your interests and roles.
  • Inside SAFe Studio, templated resources and facilitation guides to get you started.
  • SAFe Agilist certification exam (more about the exam & certification).
  • Professional Development Units & Scrum Education Units (more about PDUs and SEU’s).
  • 1 hour individual consulting session with the instructor per student.

Instructor: Adriano Campestrini

Adriano Campestrini

Passionate about software engineering, agile and leadership, Adriano has been applying XP / Scrum / Lean / Kanban since 2003, when agility was far from the mainstream. He has trained and certified people in different agile flavours since 2007, in 3 continents. Adriano has been working with SAFe since 2013, getting in contact with several implementations and forming hundreds of SAFe Practitioners, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Product Managers, RTEs, SAFe leaders and others.

Adriano Campestrini - Agile trainer in action

Practical Information about Leading SAFe training with SAFe Agilist certification

  • Duration: around 16 hours
  • Schedule: 2 full days or 4 half days
  • Language: English


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around 16 hours


from 09h00 to 18h00 with pauses