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Team Kanban Practitioner with TKP official certification

Get the work organised, improving visibility, communication and collaboration. Learn core concepts of the Kanban Method. Team members will learn how to be effective within a Kanban team or service joining the Team Kanban Practitioner 8 hours training.

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The Team Kanban Practitioner is an 8 hours training designed to enable a team to get started with Kanban Method. It’s the official introductory Kanban course where we go through Kanban’s foundations with rich discussions, exercises and a realistic Kanban simulation.

Learning objectives

  • At first, understand core concepts of the Kanban Method.
  • Learn the 3 change management principles and the 6 general practices of the Kanban Method.
  • Experience the benefit of WIP limits to improve flow in a realistic Kanban simulation-game.
  • How to run the Kanban meetings to focus on the work and allow the team to organize around it.
  • Finally, how to proceed to the next level with Kanban.

Official training and certification by Kanban University at campes.org


All experience levels are welcome. You don’t need to have any previous Kanban training or experience.

Who should attend?

Team members and managers who want to understand key concepts in Kanban and get started.

This training is designed for team players executing the job. It suits you if your team is running – or willing to run – Kanban Method. Additionally this course suits as an entry point to the Kanban Method.

Note that the training is NOT just for IT professionals. As a matter of fact Kanban has a great penetration in the IT area. We’ve seen, however, training participants – as well as success cases – from HR, Marketing, Finance, Portfolio Management and several others knowledge areas.


  • Above all, become faster and more responsive.
  • You’ll get to know how to be a good “Kanban citizen”.
  • You’ll understand the mechanics of a Kanban team, therefore will be able to take part of a Kanban team.
  • Finally, you’ll make smarter in-the-moment decisions regarding your and your team’s job.

Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) certification

Participants will receive the TKP official certification from Kanban University. This credential is granted upon the completion of the current training. It is designed to introduce the principles of Kanban for a team to get started or for the complete team to get the appropriate exposure to be effective within a Kanban system. The TKP is not required for other credentials, however many people new to Kanban may find TKP to be the best entry point.

Training formats

Corporate options

A great part of the training happen in private classes inside organisations. If you represent a company and have the intention to promote a private class, we can make it happen. Your company can either host the class on-premises or we arrange it in an external location close by. It can be 8 hours in a roll or distributed along 2 days. Or even presencial vs. remote. Get in contact and share your intention!

Next public classes

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