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Make it Flow with Kanban

This case study is about implementing common sense changes where they were needed. More than a success Scrumban story (from Scrum to Kanban), it’s a 3-year long story about simplicity, precise and data-driven changes, leading to a successful roll-out of a new system to the whole bank, where everything contributed to a failure full of excuses: bureaucracy, legacy, lack of support and resistance.

From no users in production to roll out of the whole bank. From no user involvement to user-driven. From a lead time of 118 days down to 12 days. This session will fill the gap between from & to, going through dissatisfactions, demand/capacity analysis, evolution with policies, managing the upstream, decoupling delivery cadence and years of complete measurement (lead time histogram, WIP run chart, release burndown), from estimates to SLAs/SLEs.

Get to know more about the Kanban Method.

Make it Flow with Kanban at FlowConf - campes.org

Take aways

  • How to fly an agile transformation under the radar.
  • How to strategically setup a roll-out plan.
  • Dealing with scope creep by applying policies to the upstream.
  • Align long-term vision in a team operating in a Kanban system.
  • How to stop estimating and commit based on SLEs for software development.
  • How to reduce lead time and increase predictability by identifying patterns in your service.

FlowConf 2022 in Istanbul – A system thinking conference

Entering new markets, creating new or more sophisticated products or services inevitably ensures that organisational complexity increases. Therefore, challenges will also become more complex in organisations. This year we will focus on systems thinking.

Let’s make it flow with Kanban and deep dive into how to approach complex problem solving on October 20th and 21st ➡︎ FlowConf 2022.

Make it Flow with Kanban at FlowConf

FlowConf, a system thinking conference at Istanbul – campes.org